Find Inspiration For Your Edible Garden


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Find Inspiration for Your Edible Garden at Cornerstone Sonoma

Transform your outdoor space to a beautifully nutritious sanctuary (or a cocktail garden) with tips from landscape designers and inspiration from the Cornerstone gardens.

She makes all sorts of sweet donuts that range from maple icing topped with bacon chunks, to fruit and all sorts of candy toppings. Wondolleck has been making her donuts at Ramekins since the original location she had planned on occupying, at Eighth Street East and Napa Road, never came to fruition.

She then tried to open a shop in the former Massage Envy location at 452 First St. E., which didn’t work out for lack of permits. Since that closed she has been selling her donuts on weekends at Sonoma’s Best deli on East Napa Street as the donut shop, according to its website, is part of Sonoma’s Best Hospitality Group.

Sonoma’s Best Hospitality Group bought the Subway location more than two years ago from Maria Lounibos at about the same time that it purchased the building next door, formerly home to CocoaPlanet chocolates.


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