SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – What hospitality industry must do after pandemic subsides


As someone who has been in public relations for decades, I know how to pivot.

Up until the ’80s, our public relations agency rode the wave of San Francisco’s white-hot music scene. But when the music industry moved its epicenters to Los Angeles and New York, it was time to pivot. We expanded our client and industry base, shifting from a PR agency focused on local and national music and entertainment to one focused primarily on hospitality, food and beverage, and real estate.

When the economic downturn of 2008 hit, we pivoted once again, expanding our reach to Asia and bucking the devastation that hit so many other agencies. Our ability and willingness to be nimble during these times of crisis have enabled us not only to survive, but to expand to become a global lifestyle PR agency.

I say this because if ever there was a time to pivot, it’s now. And if ever there was an industry that needs to do so, it’s the hospitality industry.


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